The Church

Saint Albans Gospel Assembly

Who We Are


“I thank my God for your fellowship in the Gospel”

We accord to you a warm and sincere welcome to this church. It is none other but the House of God. We pray that you will sense His presence and that the fellowship of those with like faith will be most rewarding.

We are a committed evangelical teaching ministry. Accordingly, we purpose to be a vehicle through which individuals and families are led to an experience of saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and onto maturity in Him.



Our vision can be summed up in three words

TEACH The love of God and foundational truths of the gospel. The believer’s relationship and obedience to Christ.

REACH The total man, body, soul, and spirit; through salvation. Bringing restoration of the covenant between God and man.

INCREASE In wisdom, in faith, in perseverance, in excellence. In a renewed understanding of selfworth and awareness of your inheritance in Christ.



The Saint Albans Gospel Assembly, (St. Albans Gospel Assembly, Inc.) was established in 1967. The founders, Bishop Everett C. Newsome I, Rev. Dr. Olga G. Newsome and Rev. Louise Greaves, all now deceased, with prayer and guidance by the Holy Spirit started the work of this congregation on Sunday, February 12, 1967. Initially, the church met at a location on Linden Blvd. near 194th Street in St. Albans, Queens.



The foundation of the church rests strongly on prayer, teaching, study of the Bible, and praise and worship. Through the years, this house of faith has at times been referred to as “a spiritual hospital”.