Everett C. Newsome, Jr.

Apostle and Senior Pastor

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Apostle Everett C. Newsome, Jr.




Apostle Everett is the senior pastor of the St. Albans Gospel Assembly, Inc. (S.A.G.A.) serving with Apostle Marjorie, his adored wife, and co-pastor.

Apostle Everett is God’s servant for this season as he steers the helm in this urban ministry of the LORD’s vineyard in St. Albans, Queens. Together he and his wife of forty-one years lead and mentor a dynamic team of the presbytery. Under the apostolic anointing, many have been delivered, healed and experience freedom in the Holy Ghost. His desire is for Gods’ will to be manifested on earth as it is in heaven.

His preparation for this commission was preordained, after receiving his first degree from City University, then he went on to complete his masters’ degree from Hofstra University on scholarship. As a perpetual student of the Bible, he served over four decades under the tutelage of his parents, the late Bishop Everett C. Newsome, I, and Rev. Dr. Olga Newsome, the founders of St. Albans Gospel Assembly, Inc.

He has served faithfully in ministry from the inception of (S.A.G.A). His talent and experience in music, social work, rehabilitation counseling, and mental hygiene allow him to bring so much to this urban community through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. His passion and gift for music have empowered him to author songs and assist in launching artists in their recording journeys. Apostle’s service in ministry stretches far and wide and includes prison ministry for sixteen years.

Continuing to hear from the Lord, Apostle Everett reaches new horizons in this established work which is at times referred to as a “spiritual hospital”. He cherishes the presence of the Lord and the operation of the five-fold ministry as he ushers the congregation to new heights in praise and worship. After more than twenty years at the helm of this ministry, this mighty man of valor is still on fire for God.  Apostle Everett stands firm in the scriptures of Romans 8:38-39.