Individuals that come to the Assembly, and have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, and desire to be baptized will attend a baptismal class, instructed by one of the Pastors of the church. After completion of the class, the individual is scheduled for baptism.

Baby Dedication

Baby dedication takes place on the Third Sunday of the month. The parents are requested to submit the dedication information prior to the Third Sunday. The Apostles and the leadership present the child to God for Him to bless and cover the child with His Divine covering.


When someone dies the Leadership gathers the information concerning the deceased, if it is someone who is a part of the congregation, we assist the family in the planning and organizing of the services. If someone passes and is not a member of the congregation, we will meet with the families and discuss what it is that we as a Church can do for them.

Holy Communion

ls observed on the First Sunday of the month. Members and Visitors who are saved are welcome to partake of the Communion Service.


We believe that marriage is outlined in the Word of God as being between a man and a woman. We meet with the couples who desires to be united in Holy matrimony. We believe that couples should receive counsel before marriage. Therefore we will not marry individuals unless they counsel with us first.

Any member wishing to get married at Saint Albans Gospel Assembly must first attend these premarital classes. For further information on starting the process, please call (718) 341-1719.

Pastoral Counseling

We currently offer Counseling to those who are part of the membership. Those that are not part of the membership, we offer to counsel on a limited basis. Stated that if we come across an issue that we believe is beyond our scope of Authority, we will refer individuals out to the appropriate resource.